Jean's Almond Toffee recipe

Mick is usually the guy with the recipes (he’s the real cook in the band) but I’m going to butt in and share my surprisingly simple almond toffee recipe. I make many, many batches of this every year at Christmas with the intention of giving it as gifts, but a good portion of it never leaves the house...

You do it all in the microwave, and it’s dead easy. Here’s how it goes:

12 tbsp butter (that’s a stick and a half; use regular salted butter, not unsalted)
1 cup (packed) light brown sugar
1 cup coarsely chopped raw almonds
a third to a half cup of chocolate chips (I like the dark chocolate)

Line a pan of approximately 8x8 inches with foil (you need this ready ahead of time)
Put the sugar and butter in a biggish microwaveable bowl.
Microwave on high for 3 minutes, then whisk it until it’s blended.
Back in the microwave it goes, this time for 4 minutes.
Now stir in the almonds and pop it back in the micro.
Cook it about 2-4 minutes more. This is where the timing gets a little tricky. In my oven, which is not super powerful, it takes about three more minutes- you may have to experiment.
Using a spatula, pour it into the foil lined pan.
Sprinkle the chocolate chips over it. When they’ve melted, spread the chocolate evenly with a spatula. You might want to save a few chopped almonds to sprinkle on the top.
Now the hard part: let it cool

That’s it. The only tricky bit is getting the timing so that the texture comes out right. But even if you’re a little off on that it will still taste great.

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