Sheet Music Downloads

We've had any number of requests over the years (from some of our fans who are musicians) for sheet music of the music we play. While we don't have any full transcriptions of our Colcannon arrangements, we have put together a little trove of basic tunes for you. We'll (occasionally) be adding more- so if you have requests, let us know! Click here to go to the list of downloads.

Colcannon performances with Symphony

We have done several performances with orchestra and would love to do more. Click here for more info!

Residencies and Outreach Programs

Educational and outreach programs are available, too. We have a description of how we approach residencies here.

How can I get you to play near me?

We'd love to come play near you! However, the logistics of booking performances can be complicated, and there are a lot of people's financial realities that have to come into alignment. You can help though! Talk to your local concert committee, theater manager, festival, etc. and let them know why you think we'd be a good fit. Send them to our website, or have them give us a call. Your word counts for a lot!

Can I provide financial support?

You bet. We have been blessed with some pretty extraordinary patronage over our career that has enabled us to do some wonderful projects (The Pooka and the Fiddler, and the Trad album, for example). And we have a bunch of dreams for new projects too. We do not operate as a "non-profit" organization, but frankly, we don't operate as a "for-profit" organization either, in that our decisions, both artistic and business, are not guided primarily by financial success. (If they were, we'd have made some very different recordings and been a different band altogether...) We believe strongly in the power of music and story, and in the catharsis and community that can be generated by them. We also believe that the Irish music tradition carries a special energy that should be met with respect as well as creativity.

So, if you like what we do and you'd like to help out, a little or a lot, we would be most appreciative!

We provide below a digital "tip hat" (with all due respect to the original "Mr. Tip Hat" that funded our first recording)