Info for Presenters, Press, etc

The icon on the right will take you to our electronic press kit, which should have the basic info in a nice concise form. Down below we have links to higher resolution photos for printing and a downloadable PDF of the stage plot.

E.P.K. (click image to go to site)

Power Press Kit
Experience myPPK - Electronic Power Press Kit

Photos for web and print

We have our promo photos available in a variety of sizes and formats. Which one is "best" depends on what you're planning on using it for. Bigger isn't always better! Use the file that is closest in size to your final product.

For jpeg photos optimized for web, go here.

For tiff files for optimized for 4 color printing, go here.

If you're an experienced designer looking for psd files, go here.

Colcannon info in PDF form