Colcannon performances with Symphony

Colcannon has original compositions and high quality arrangements for performance with orchestra. We would love to talk to you about what you'd like to do in terms of programming. We can provide a wonderfully fun pops evening or, if you're game, some innovative but highly listenable modern compositions that explore the play between traditional Irish idioms and orchestral textures. And yes! We now have a Christmas pops program!

Our recent composition, 'O'Toole and the Goose', is a large scale work for Colcannon and Orchestra, with narration by Mick Bolger. The piece premiered in March 2013 with the Colorado Symphony and brings together the Irish storytelling tradition, traditional Irish music instrumentation, and a modern symphonic palette. 

On the pops side, we have a full evening's worth of material and are eager to add more choices. Depending on scheduling, we can even bring a conductor. Dancers? Ditto.

Our scores and charts are professionally formatted and ready to go. This will be a sure hit with your audience!

For more information please go to our "mini website" for Colcannon Meets Symphony.